doors, bathroom & a bedroom.....

One of the original two-toned doors salvaged 
from Birdie's house.
The 1910 doors are only 1" thick.
Wire hooks came from a 1910 courthouse,
  the bottles were scattered all over the claim.
A hundred year old 1910 era rimset with salvaged 
crystal knobs, even the privacy latch still works.
A grandmother's quilt, 1890's pressed tin shingles found on the claim with a cornice 
from the original JC Penney's store in Amarillo, TX. The shelf is waiting on a 
collection of 1960's lady head vases.The drawing is of my grandfather's western 
swing band in the 30's, the piece over the mission rocker was inspired by a 
voodoo shrine in New Orleans devoted to swamp witch Marie Laveau.

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  1. I am amazed by the beauty of what you are creating. Keep up the good work!


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