door hardware

Even 120 year old rimsets, knobs and hinges still have a lot of life in them. The set above has a broken throw-bolt but the springs, latch and privacy lock work just fine after a good cleaning with Navel Jelly, WD 40 and a wire brush. That is some serious Wabi Sabi. How many thousands of hands have held these knobs? The crystal knobset came from a house remodel in Amarillo, the porcelain and steel sets are originals from Birdie's house and the bakelite lever was a donation from cousin Terry. All will have a new life here in the house. Several years worth of collecting have yielded enough antique hardware for all the interior doors. Rosettes, keyhole covers, rimsets, knobs and matching butt hinges. The panel doors from Birdie's house are only 1-1/8" thick but are all flat and straight. Some have to be completely knocked apart to reinforce joints and add dutchman repairs from old hardware scars. All will simply be sanded smooth and waxed to finish. The original paint will be retained and the years of worn rounded edges are kept and treasured like a pair of comfortably worn jeans

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