RIP Colonel

The Colonel, being the only white chicken, ran out of luck yesterday. Visual contrast from the air worked against him evidently and he caught the eye of a large hawk. We came home from a car show in Bastrop to find the dog nervously hovering over the body while the hawk was in a nearby tree angry at Joey that he couldn't carry his meal off. The rest of the flock was nowhere to be seen save for one quivering rooster under the camper so we feared there had been a mass slaughter. A thirty minute search found two more roosters and a lone hen hiding under a cedar tree and the final two hens snuck back to the coop several hours later at bedtime. So the score on the great chicken experiment stands at
Heat - 3 (plus three turkeys)
Coyotes - 2
Hawk -1
Leaving us with three possibly edible roosters and three hens of which only one, maybe two, have laid less than a dozen eggs since March. That's a lot of poop cleaning and chicken feed for 6 or 8 eggs. Oh well; they are entertaining to have around and provide occasional exercise for Joey. At least that's what we'll keep telling ourselves.


  1. Watching your blog is a lot like watching the National Geographic channel. Sorry for your loss.


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