brock cabin

The Brock log cabin sits in Lion's park at Lockhart. Built about 1850 it is a two pen / "saddlebag" configuration made from hand hewn oak logs. It has a full loft, a full width front porch, and a log framed with cedar sided addition across the back. Reportedly it is the oldest building in the county. It was moved into the park from its original location on a creek about two miles north of town as a fairly well done restoration project by volunteers in the 70's. As is pretty typical though, a portland cement mortar was used to "chink" the logs and the unforgiving nature of the mortar along with a badly leaking roof has allowed significant water damage. I believe the original configuration of the house may have been somewhat different - with possibly a fireplace at both ends - but no photos survive showing that. The one old picture we have shows siding covering the entire building, probably to protect the mud chinking, and high windows into the loft each side of the chimney. The present porch framing doesn't look quite kosher and some of the oak logs have smaller round mesquite or cedar elm logs in between them; again - probably not how it was originally. Regardless; the intent of the Caldwell County Historical commission and the Save the Cabin committee, both of which I am now a member, is to raise enough for a proper professional restoration. There is debate whether it should be relocated to a completely different site or just closer to the street for better visibility at its present location. Either way, the structure needs to be surveyed and recorded for reassembly. I volunteered to tag and number the logs; so Jeree and I and a few other committee members started that process last weekend. We've tagged approximately 60 individual logs with stamped aluminum tags held with galvanized nails for a permanent numbering system. Lots more to go. I will record the numbers in sketches using photographic reference elevations and then when the time comes to take it all apart, the builder will have a map of log locations for restacking. A fun project that hopefully will yield good results some day.

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